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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Stuff my son says

Benjamin (4 yrs old)

I took to Ben to dinner at Nirchi's Pizza and he said some amazing things afterward:

Ben's Theology:

In the parking lot, Ben was talking about "The King of Heaven," so I questioned him...

Dad: "Who is the King of Heaven?'
Ben: "The King of Heaven has blood on his arms and his shoes and his crown."
Dad: "Is He alive or dead?"
Ben: "Probably dead."
Dad: "Is He dead from fighting the bad guys?"
Ben: "Yes, from fighting the bad guys."


Ben's Metaphors:

We saw a deer on the way home and Benjamin wanted to get out to see it better...

Dad: "If we get out, the deer will run away."
Ben: "Why?"
Dad: "Because a deer is a wild animal.
Ben: "What is a wild animal?"
Dad: "A wild animal has not been tamed.
Ben: "A school is a wild animal."
Dad: "I love that metaphor!"
Dad: "If a school is a wild animal, then what is a church?"
Ben: "A church is a handbook."
Dad: "Ben, I love your metaphors!"

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